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Welcome to Mama Steps

Welcome to our Mama Steps Shaklee site, where you can find all the Shaklee products needed to support a healthy pre- and post- baby body (and healthy babies, too!). We developed our Mama Steps Blog as a way to connect to other Mamas (and women who want to be moms soon) to provide nutrition and lifestlye tips, including safe supplementation. We are sisters who were raised using Shaklee products and know their value. Paige is a health and wellness journalist and mama of a bubbly one year old who is always on the go.  Blaire is a registered dietitian, naturopathic doctor, licensed acupunctarist and a newlywed who hopes to start a family (very!) soon. We invite you to our website MamaSteps.com and welcome any questions you may have!

Wishing you well as you take your own Mama Steps towards heatlh,

Paige & Blaire